Hello guests and friends!

In case we’ve never met, my name is Adam Hubbartt. I am the senior pastor at North Chester Baptist Church in Casnovia, Michigan. The faithful members of North Chester Baptist called me to be their Pastor on Sunday, April 6,  2014 and we are thrilled to see what great things God has in store for our ministry! My wife Kate and I are the proud parents of two children, Jack (2) and Collins (7 mo.).

I am a graduate of Crown College in Knoxville, Tennessee, after which I served on the staff of the Knobs Baptist Church in Tower Hill, Illinois for 6 years before becoming the Pastor in Michigan.

I always enjoy spending quality time with my family, after that I enjoy doing things outdoors, etc. And finally I really enjoy getting the opportunity to be a part in what God is doing in the world! A life serving the Lord is a rewarding one indeed. If you want you can follow me, Pastor Hubbartt on Twitter @AdamHubbartt

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