David’s Caution

prayer1When you think of David, the Warrior who lobbed off Goliath’s head, the word Caution may not immediately come to mind. However, there are many instances where David proceeded with caution.

  • In 1 Samuel 17 when David faces Goliath he didn’t just run out onto the battle field and begin to fight. First he talked with the men in the army of Israel. It seems to me that he was first trying to encourage one of them to trust the Lord and take the field. He talks with his brother, who totally didn’t understand David’s heart and motivation. Then word gets to King Saul. Saul tried to convince David to wear his armor, but the armor was not “proved” in David’s life, so he declined. Finally, David proceeded in the name and strength of the Lord! In fact, 1 Samuel 17:48 tells us that David literally ran to face the giant.  And you know how that story ended.
  • Another instance in David’s life where he was cautious was when the Amalekites spoiled Ziklag. In 1 Samuel 30 we see that Ziklag was a city that David and his men had made home. Their families and belongings were there and the Amalekites had come and kidnapped the women and children, taken all of their possessions, and burned the city. David and his men came to the city three days later and found that everyone and everything was gone! Instead of rushing headlong into the chase David stops. With his family missing, his possessions lost, and trouble all around David takes time to talk to the Lord and seek His will. Then he pursued, and God allowed him to recover all of his things and most importantly his family.
  • On at least six occasions the Bible tells us that David inquired of the Lord before he went into battle.

David was not some rash wild man running in and out of this battle and that. He was a man who sought to follow God and do things in His time. Following God and being the man that God wants us to be requires taking time to “inquire of the Lord”. It requires caution even in circumstances that are urgent. Then, after we have heard from God, it is time to take the field of battle and trust the Lord.

Does Jesus Love Me?

He loves me? He loves me not?…Throw that daisy away! HE LOVES YOU!

Just look at what Jesus went through for us:Crown-of-Thorns

  1. Mark 14:6-8 – Jesus says that He will soon die and be buried for us.
  2. Mark 14:33-36 – Jesus experienced great sorrow in His soul for us.
  3. Mark 14:41-44 – Jesus experienced betrayal for us.
  4. Mark 14:50 – Jesus experienced loneliness for us.
  5. Mark 15:15 – Jesus was whipped and beaten for us.
  6. Mark 15:16-20 – Jesus was mocked and abused for us.
  7. Mark 15:24-25 – Jesus was crucified for us.
  8. Mark 15:33-34 – Jesus was forsaken by God His Father for us.
  9. Mark 15:37 – Jesus died…for us.

And…Praise Be Unto God! HE LIVES…so that you and I can have life!

How then can we not be assured of His love for us? How can we do anything but serve Him and love Him?

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Book Review – Dirty God, Jesus in the Trenches

follow-me-bible-close-up.gifWell, this title is one that certainly jumps out at you, and I guess that was the author’s intent. Of course, Johnnie Moore is not insinuating that God is Dirty in a sinful sense. But that He was willing to come to us, as we are, and save us by His grace.

Grace, that’s what this book is about. The undeserving favor of God. The book is divided into two parts. Getting Grace, and Giving Grace. The Lord Jesus Christ was so gracious that He would stoop lower than any of those around Him could ever have imagined. He was willing to touch and heal a leper, and He was gracious enough to bend down and wash His followers’ feet. He was willing to take our punishment for sin on the cross and die in our place. That is Getting Grace.

Giving Grace is what God intends for us to do once we have received it. As followers of Jesus, we should be emulating Him. Walking as He walked, loving as He loved, and serving as He served. Jesus was truly, “in the trenches”. He never had a selfish moment, but was always reaching out to anyone who needed help.

This book was convicting. Am I Giving Grace?  Am I gracious to those I serve and lead? To those who are closest to me? To strangers? It really makes you think. If we lived a Giving Grace kind of life. This world would truly be a different place.